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Re: Idea for an Alternative Solution

5/18/2004 12:52 PM
Re: Idea for an Alternative Solution
"First, my dog used to hate the approach of the mailman and the newspaper delivery boy. "
Funny you should pick this example.  
25 years or thereabouts ago, I had a paper route, and one of my customers (an older German couple, Mr. & Mrs. Hicinbothem) had inadvertently trained their dog to hate me by using a rolled-up newspaper to "discipline" it.  
The dog apparantly decided that, to end the punishment, he'd have to eliminate the source of the newspapers. He decided he'd growl at, bark at, threaten, and eventually, when I kept showing up every day, bite the person who brought the papers (me). The dog's owners, of course, claimed, "MY dog doesn't bite!"  
Anyone who thinks dogs don't have complex associative and problem-solving ability is stoned....  
C ya,  

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