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Resistance in a Gibson 490 ?

1/4/2005 8:59 AM
6666 Xtra Evil Resistance in a Gibson 490 ?
Can anyone tell me what the dc resistance in a Gibson 490 pickup should be?  
Thanks / Evil
1/4/2005 10:21 AM

If I had one handy I would measure it for you.  
You are probably aware however, that resistance is futile . . .  
1/4/2005 12:13 PM
6666 Xtra Evil
I having trouble identifying two humbuckers!  
They both have dc resistance of about 8K.  
I wonder if they are 57 reissues or 490s ?
1/4/2005 7:56 PM

Try contacting Seymour DUncan. He knows his pickups and seems to be a genuinely helpful person.
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