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signal wires next to power wires and more..

12/8/2004 2:21 PM
signal wires next to power wires and more..
A long time ago I heard that running power next to signal is a recipe for noise and other bad stuff. I have also heard that power lines emmit electromagnetic frequencies. Should I be concerned about this with regards to designing my preamp?  
If so, what does that mean for B+ and heater lines in my amp? How close is too close?
12/8/2004 3:33 PM
Don Symes

If you keep the power wires at right angles to the signal wires, you should not have any issues ... assuming you do the grounding right (seek articles on 'star grounding'.  
Twist the pair of heater wires, separate them only enough to solder to the sockets.  
Seek out chassis photos of a Hiwatt (, Aiken or other well-regarded amp for examples of proper lead dress.
12/9/2004 3:38 PM
I always read up for a few hours on a topic before resorting to posting here.
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