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Strat finish

12/11/2005 9:35 PM
Floyd Strat finish
Happy Holidays all, I have tried every where  
to find a shop that will do a nitro color and top coat finish on my Warmoth body and neck, anyone know a good shop maybe in CA or relatively close?  
12/13/2005 4:28 PM
Nathan Noel

Does it have to be nitro? Nitro is essential for acoustic intsruments. But I've not found Thin film finishes to be all that advantagous for solid bodies. I've done a few in Nitro, but have recently switched to doing poly finishes. Nitro takes too long to do and gasses out and shrinks for like 6 months and is quite fragile.  
I ask because any body shop can shoot your guitar with Urethane. Guys that specialize in Motorcycles do the best jobs because motorcycles have to live up to the same smooth mirror finishes that we liketo see on guitars.
12/13/2005 9:29 PM
I would like to have it done in nitro,  
if I can't find a shop I will consider  
a poly finish but a nitro color and top  
coat would be my first choice because  
it's a better finish for wood instruments.
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