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Painting over a polyester finish

11/10/2005 10:02 PM
Mitch Painting over a polyester finish
Well I decided to paint a couple of my guitars as these are old beat axes and they could stand to be made into nicer looking guitars.  
I was going to do the lacquer finish using the Reranch lacquer stuff but I've tried getting in touch with Reranch for about two weeks and they have been not taking any calls. odd....  
So I wanted to ask you all what you guys used with great results using other brand spray can paints?  
BTW, these guitars are both black so I may want to paint them white and maybe stripe one like Eddies first guitar. Wadya think...LOL...  
11/10/2005 11:52 PM

Old Gibsons and Fenders used mostly DuPont automotive colors. These are still available. You have to ring your local paint supplier and ask for Fender colors. The old DuPunt car colors will not come up on their computers but the same names such as Daphne Blue for example will come up under Fender.  
They will also be able to advise on the correct base coat.
11/11/2005 1:17 AM
Hey Spence,  
What kind of paint are you referring too? Is it enamel or lacquer or something else?  
I have looked at auto paint at the local auto parts supplier but not sure if this stuff would be any good for a guitar finish?  
I'm not really sure what types of paint is durable enough for the guitar in every day use as I tried painting a guitar about ten years ago with the local hardware store spray can paint and it was awful as it never hardened like it should and scratched up real easy.  
What is a real hard drying durable type paint?  
The color would be easy as I'll just do white with a clear coat on it.  
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