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Gibson pickups vs Dearmond pickups?

7/3/2005 8:00 PM
Gilles C Gibson pickups vs Dearmond pickups?
Hi all,  
I have a Dearmond Starfire guitar with single coils and I was wondering how it would sound with humbuckers.  
It all started with an urge to buy a Gibson Les Paul...  
Then I had the idea to try Gibson pickups on my Starfire. (Less $$$) But it would be easier to fit a Dearmond humbucker because of the fixing hole wich are different.  
So my question is this: do any of you know if I could get a sound close enough to a Les paul to satisfy me for a while, and could a Dearmond pickup do the job in place of a Gibson pickup?  
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7/5/2005 9:08 AM

Case in point. I screwed up a Tennesean in the early 80's by installing a pair of humbuckers in search of a 335 sound. big error. Should have bought a 335 and sold the Tennesean. Now the Tennesean sounds like a country guitar with humbuckers and it's resale value is down the toilet. Epi Les Pauls are showing up in the paper dirt cheap. Try one out.
7/5/2005 9:12 PM
Gilles C
Thanks for sharing your thought... and experience.  
I think that you're right and that I should try an Epi (less $$$). Part of my brain says no and part of it says yes.  
I always liked the sound but only recently felt in love with it after hearing one. I suppose that our hearing changes with the years...  
7/6/2005 12:49 AM
Steve A.

    In reading reviews for first the hb equiped Starfire and then the single coil equiped ones, I think that you might want to track down one of the Starfires with the humbuckers since most of the reviews thought that they got the ES335 vibe just fine.  
Steve Ahola
7/6/2005 8:49 AM
Gilles C
First, I just noticed I forgot to specify that the guitar I have is the Starfire Special with single-coils and a vibrato...  
This one, but red:  
I read it sounds like a ES135  
I didn't talk about it for a while, so I forgot that the Starfire was this one with HB pickups and no vibrato.  
I think it must sound like a ES335.  
I prefered the look of the Special so that's the one I bought back them.  
But you made me realise about the ES335 sound my guitar would get with HB pickups. So I'll have to start checking the Les Paul VS the ES335 sound.  
Thanks for the links of the reviews, it made me realise something I forgot.  
7/6/2005 11:25 PM
Steve A.

Gilles said:  
Thanks for the links of the reviews, it made me realise something I forgot.  
    I remember when GC was featuring these guitars... it was right after they had chewed up and spit out Epiphone. ;) The $79 Epi specials at GC almost completely ruined Epiphone's reputation, and they had moved on to their next victim. :(  
    In reading the reviews I guess the Special is a poor man's Gretsch while the hb-equipted model is a poor man's ES335. Definitely worth looking into both guitars when they turn up used.  
Steve Ahola
7/15/2005 7:23 AM
I've just bought a red DeArmond Starfire Special like yours on Ebay, but I'm still waiting for it to arrive, so I can't tell. I payed 400 and I think it would be a big error to change anything on those late DeArmond Starfires. In comparison the one you can buy now (by Squier) seem to be little more than crap. They stopped building them because they chew off too much of a market for the original Guilds. So don't be a fool. If you want a Les Paul buy a Tokai or buy an Epiphone and replace the pickups.

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