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"Dead spots" on bass neck

5/21/2005 3:03 PM
mark h
"Dead spots" on bass neck
I've been involved with music and guitars for close to 35 years and have built and repaired many guitars. I have had close to no experience with the bass guitar though, and it's quirks and issues, in particular "Dead spots" I often hear applied to fender bass necks. My best guess as to the cause of this phenomenom is that certain frequencies cause the neck wood to vibrate excessivly thereby robbing energy that would normaly stay in the string and transfer to the pickup/body of the bass.  
Can anyone offer comments or info or experience with this subject? I'm wondering how the newer carbon reinforced fender necks compare to the traditional designs and how the warmoth design necks compare (they are reinforced with steel? Seems like they would be heavy).  
I am interested in buying or building a bass either from scratch or with pre-fab parts but am lacking in knowledge unique to the electric bass. Thanks for any advice...M
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