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Re: What I came up with...

Re: What I came up with...
I bought a set of string savers for my Les Paul hoping to cure some irritating problems. I ended up going back to the dealer to have him install them because my bridge gave me some fits. I had a Nashville bridge on it with the individual wire retainers on it and couldn't figure out how to remove the old saddles and install the new ones without destroying the retainers.  
I took the guitar in and showed the dealer what was going on and he talked me into a new bridge altogether for the same price and since the guitar was in serious need for a fret dressing, I let him do the set up. I am very impressed with the work.  
Anyway, the point is this: He told me that String Savers are primarily for those guys who are always breaking strings. I NEVER break strings. He also said that the String Savers wear out alot faster than the metal saddles and you are replacing them more often.  
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5/12/2004 9:14 PM
I have just bought some I have a Les Paul gold top and will have a go at fitting them I'm breaking strings like there going out of fashion and this has to stop considering I'm not a heavy handed player.  
I could have bought a new saddle etc but to be honest I embrase change and I'll soon find out if I have waisted my money.  
I'll post my results...  
p.s Mine are always breaking in the same spot.
5/13/2004 3:41 AM

Do they break at the bridge everytime?  
If they do then your in for a notable improvement in string life...provided you don't play like Pete Townshend in the old days...;)
5/15/2004 1:15 AM
Steve A.

p.s Mine are always breaking in the same spot.  
    Whenever I break a string I will check the saddle to see if there was a sharp edge causing it break. I have a cheap set of needle files and will go over the saddle with the appropriate file to smooth out any rough edges. This usually eliminates any problems with premature string breakage within a month or two, since the squeaky wheel is always getting the oil, so to speak.  
    I have noticed one problem with this procedure: if your saddles are a cheap pot metal covered with chrome you might eventually file through the layer of chrome, leaving a sharp edge. I had a strat like that and ended up putting in the graphite string saver saddles- which I have been pleased with since they mellow out the tone a little bit. However when I pulled the old saddles out I realized that swapping the high and low E string saddles would have also solved the problem. Live and learn... ;)  
--Let us know how they work for you! Be sure to give them a few days to break in- mine buzzed like an SOB for the first day or two.  
Steve Ahola
6/1/2004 9:08 PM
Re: String savers saddles
I've had string savers on 2 strats!  
I use 11's and break at least one g,d,or b string per gig!! On my SRV strat, they worked!! I could get one or two gigs without breaking a string, on another American strat, they were the same as steel!! I never figured it out, I used the same strings every time!! The original saddles are on the strat I use now, about once a month, I take some fine sandpaper and round the edges off, and use 3in1 oil when installing new strings!!!  
Hope they are workin' on your les paul!!
6/5/2004 12:42 PM
Cole Davis

I've had them on my Strats for 4/5 years now. They're still original, I haven't noticed any wear and tear, but then again, I never use the tremolo (blocked). I just bend strings like crazy, and I kept breaking strings at the saddle (even with careful lubing, filing, etc.). When I first put them on I noticed a definite dulling in the high end, my bridge pickup was like an ice-pick but with the graphite saddles, they're OK. I kind of liked that icy brightness at the neck pickup though, so I was sad to see that go, but then I just turn on my amp's bright switch :)  
Oh yeah, the only "wear and tear" is my own fault - I pulled a low E string out too hard/too fast and it caught on the saddle and ripped out a small chunk of it (on the side where the string does not make contact). Other than that, they're gold.

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