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neck too thin

yesault neck too thin
i just bought a used gibson sg  
the guitar has a set neck (obviosly : )  
however, the neck bends- the guitar has been refinished, and i think the neck has been shaved back too much (its not the neck joint- ckecked it with a spirit level- the joint doesnt move, but the neck does)  
Cn this be fixed? would a carbon fiber rod in the neck fix it? shouldnt the trussrod stop some of this movement? (i know what the truss rod does, but i would have thought it would have helped  
please, any suggestions or thoughts at all would be greatly appreciated  
Steve A.

    I used to have a Melody Maker with a neck like that... you could rock it back and forth to get the coolest vibrato. Or is there a problem with the strings choking against the frets (not so cool... :( )  
    I've been looking for another guitar like that for many years so if you want to sell your SG and buy another one with a stiffer neck send me an email.  
Steve Ahola
hi stve,  
rocking the neck makes vibrato. (and you can make the strings choke out(if you pull the headstock back enough, which isnt too far). its okay when playing sitting down, but if you move, it IS noticeable. and damn annoying. push too hard on the body when playing- the same thing. this is strung with 11s. Its is really more of a hinderance than a help. if it was controlable, that would be ok, but its not. its not really of any use to anyone the way it is.
Major Pain
Try one of the new Gibson faded SG's. They are cheap on Ebay , I got one brand new in the box for $500.00 with a gibson gig bag from Interstate music  
on a Ebay auction like this one  
I got it and its got a more thicker but very comfortable neck compared to the old Gibson SG's used to have but its got a smokin tone and with 9 guage strings it plays like buttah.....It also doesn't do that trem with the neck thing. I was considering putting in a Seymour Duncan JB into this guitar but the stock pickup just nails that classic gibson sound (Think AC/DC tone)  
But I did have to recut the nut slots a bit to lower the strings up by the headstock and its my favorite guitar now.  
I know guitars too as Ive repaired guitars over 20 year period and built a around 5 strats over the last ten years.  
I used to have an old gibson SG from the late 60's and even though it played great it had the exact same problem you are having, Most thin neck SG's do.  
I sold it for that same reason. It had a great tone though, it nailed the EVH tone.  
The new faded has a very resonant tone and Im starting to wonder if its due to the hand rubbed finish on this new SG? it looks killer too.  
Interstate is selling Gibsons on Ebay auction much cheaper than GC is selling them for. But GC did say they would match the price from Ebay on the new SG if you bring in the printout from the auction end.  
M.P. 8^/
thanks mp,  
yeah, it HAS got great tone, this guitar. I just wish i could make it the neck better. its not an OVERLY thin neck- i have experienced thinner (without the problems) its not anywhere near as thick as my strat (wich IS a thick neck)-but probably thicker than my Jacksons (different shape though).  
any ideas on how to make it stronger? maybe carbon fiber rod in stead of the T rod?  
please, any ideas would be great  
thanks again  
Major Pain Re: neck too thin on Gibson SG.
going the route of carbon fiber rods would possibly work but that would mean taking the fretboard off the neck to install the fiber rods and thats only if the neck is thick enough to route the channels in the neck.  
That would be a pretty costly way to go. Maybe a trussrod adjustment might make the neck a little more stable if the rod is kinda loose now.  
Or you could try a lighter touch while playing the guitar but thats up to you.  
The newer SG guitars seem to come with a thicker neck probably to keep the neck more stable.  
I never seen a Gibson LP that has that neck flex problem but the LP necks are not that thin either.  
Food for thought, maybe another tech might have some good suggestions that I haven't thought about.....  
Thanks again, mp  
I have adjusted the truss rod alot, and have gotten it right. however, no difference has been made. WEll, i am pretty sure its right- not too much pressure; enogh to opewrate correctly though.  
What about taking the truss rod out completely and putting in fiber rods? Could that do?  
I am pretty attached to the guitar, its just this IS a major problem (indeed, pain :) )  
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