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Ever hear of a Legend rock'n'roll 50 amp

7/13/2004 4:28 PM
nuge Ever hear of a Legend rock'n'roll 50 amp
I just picked this thing up. It's made by Whyte electronics, and has an all natural wood box. Has anybody heard of these? Know how old they are? Where to get a schematic?
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7/13/2004 7:24 PM
Wild Bill

These still seem to crop up from time to time!  
To my knowledge, no one has ever come up with a schematic. This was obviously a small manufacturer and I don't think that many were ever made. The factory is probably now a parking lot - hard to get technical help from gophers!  
I worked on one some years back. The tube preamp seemed to be fairly standard and Fenderish. The solid-state output stage looked like a direct crib from a late 70's RCA transistor amplifier application sheet notebook.  
For a solid-state output it didn't sound too bad. Especially when the speaker was replaced with a Celestion.  
I'm afraid that's about all I can pass along. As I said, posts like yours come along once or twice a year and I've never seen anyone offer a schematic yet... :(  
---Wild Bill
7/13/2004 9:45 PM
Justin Thomas

Friend of mine got one of these to borrow for church, and it sounded pretty good but ONLY with a drummer and VERY loud! It didn't have the footswithch or anything, so we couldn't get some of the stuff to work, and like Wild Bill I can't tell you where to get a schemo. I think someone else here said they were made from around 79-81 in I want to say NY. It needed new preamp tubes and some shielded cable...Pretty good Rock amp for the $50 in work to get it to not be noisy. But it only sounded good at Gawd-awful volumes. Justin.
7/14/2004 6:38 AM

Hi there, I had one of these and it had a sure sm-57 built right into it...take a look at yours and see if there is a mic plug on the back. Have fun
8/11/2004 9:44 PM
Deacon Dark

I own one of these, you can find the schematic by doing a google search, thats where I found them, I gig with mine all the time, they were made from about '78 to '84 when Gibson bought them out, I love my amp, it's wired with all Beldon wire, switchcraft jacks, etc. You cannot beat the quality for the price.
8/27/2004 7:47 AM
Jammin' John
Yes.......Legend was made in Syracuse NY...late '70's,early '80's.  
My vote for the best damn repair man is Mike Finck.  
He works at Clark Music on Erie Blvd. in Syracuse.  
315 - 446 - 7020 ext.106  
If he can't fix it NOBODY can.  
He works on high end audio for a living.  
He works on tube amps 'cause he LOVES to !!!!!!!  
He knows more than most folks do about the Legends......he was on the local scene when they were being made !!!!!!  
The problem with them is that they changed design & components a lot.  
They are not consistant.......some sound better than others.  
My neighbor has a combo that he made into a head.  
He found a Legend 4x12 cab & now has a Legend half stack.  
They only sound good when they are loud.  
10/21/2004 11:56 PM
Bill McBride
Re: Ever hear of a Legend rock'n'roll 50 amp
Hey, you can view a nice copy of the entire owners manual (including a schematic of both the pre- and power amp) at It goes into a bit of detail concerning its eclectic equalization (like how the treble knob fuctions as a bass boost when set on low, etc.)  
I bought this amp new in 1982, and have used it on a lot of gigs. Other posts are right when they say the crunch sound is only good when it is turned up loud, and boy is it LOUD. Based on the monster transformer inside, the Legend 50 watt is louder than almost any 100 watt tube amp out there, so you don't get great tone in yer apartment with one of these, but it will fill a decent sized hall. I damaged the stock celestion (too much power for one speaker), so now I use the combo as a standard tube head, connected to a homemade 4x12 cabinet with vintage 30s. Who needs a Marshall?  
And the wicker cane grill is kinda cool, too.

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