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Elderly Epiphone Century amp info?

6/22/2004 6:08 PM
Mark Black
Elderly Epiphone Century amp info?
Hi all -  
On the bench right now I've got an Epiphone combo amplifier, separate preamp and power amp type. The only designators I've found are "Century" on the preamp silkscreen and "Amp 30" on the power amp.  
This thing appears to have a rather interesting (and apparently vintage) mod, with 2 high-frequency drivers (one of them looks like a small siren) and a giant Jensen crossover or transformer installed in the cabinet.  
I find no specific info for this amp on the web so would love to hear from anybody who has info or schematics especially to verify the extra components as a mod which I could remove without screwing up some vintage-value.  
Thanks - Mark.
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