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Re: Home Recording

6/8/2005 12:00 PM
Re: Home Recording
I'm going to record only one track at a time, so, which low price preamp preamp to buy?  
There are those behringer mic200 tube preamps, with various presets for diferent type of sources. They are cheap, but how about quallity? I don't need professional quallity on that, just something decent.  
What should I buy?  
6/8/2005 2:00 PM

The Behringers offer alot of bang for the buck. I've never used their mic pre but I've used and owned a few of their processors. I think they're a pretty safe bet.  
My favorite, low cost, mic pre is the ART Tube MP. I have one that I bought on EBay for something like $60.00US. I use it quite a bit and will probably buy one or two more. Check it out here, They have a few different versions.
7/6/2005 2:13 PM

I have an ART Tube Mic-Pre also, costs about 50 US Dollars ..sounds great- im "subjective" opinion !
6/9/2005 6:11 AM
regis Re: How to repair a speaker?
Hi Tiago,  
I used contact cement. I don't think white glue would do as well. Earl suggested rubber cement, and it would probably be ok, but I havent tried it.  
Sorry to disagree with Jag, but those cheap mike pre's like the Art are just a marketing gimmick. They are not Tube Preamps, they are solid state preamps with a tube in them. I have a Presonus Blue Tube and it isn't any better than the mike preamps in my Alesis Studio 32, maybe not as good.  
Ii isn't possible to buy a good tube mike preamp for under $1000. Plus, having a tube circuitry doesn't guarentee quality either. There are many solid state mike pre's such as the Real Nice Preamp ($600) that are awesome.  
Anyway, if you are on a budget one of those small Behringer mixers will be fine. The cheap mike preamps will work too but you would have the line level inputs on the mixer if you wanted to run something like a synth into your setup.  
It doesnt hurt to have a good soundcard either, I have an Echo Mia which has +10 inputs and 24 bit processing power. Then again, I don't record directly into my computer, I just mix to it.  
good luck,  
6/9/2005 9:58 AM

No problem Regis.  
I have an Avalon VT737SP that I use for serious tracking. I also don't generally use the Nady's for serious tracking either, but for demos or tracking a live project, I don't like to take out the expensive gear.  
I was pretty sure Tiago wasn't looking at spending big bucks. I think that the cheaper Mic pre's do a pretty decent job for the buck, as does the Nady unit. I also agree that the Behringer and Alto mixers are decent (I use a small Alto in my rehearsal studio), although that's alot of circuitry to put between the mic and computer. I find that using a dedicated mic pre, rather than a full mixer, works better in that situation.
6/10/2005 10:35 AM

I believe that those cheap preamps with a tube on them won't give me a tube tone (I don't think that the plates has no more than 48V!). But thats not what I'm looking for, I'm just looking for some cheap preamp (tube or SS) that doesn't kill the tone, and if possible, it adds something *good* to the tone.  
I've got a friend that uses a behringer mixer and he said to me "It doesn't gives you better tone, but doesn't kill your tone also". Althought I think that a mixer has too much controls and functions which require lots of circuitry that I don't need for my applications. So the better solution will be a dedicated mic pre.  
But this is me, theorically speaking, I have almost no experience on recording, maybe I buy the first thing that I find in the 2nd hand market at a good price, either a mic preamp or a mixer.  
I have fixed my speaker, and it is good as a normal speaker. I fixed it before I read your last post Regis, so I did use white glue, maybe on a next time I will use contact cement.  
Thanks people!
7/12/2005 6:57 AM
Le Basseur Micophones
Hmmm...maybe the best bang for the buck?  
Check this out:good (Chinese) capsules,some REAL tube preamps using 6072 tube and sturdy,reliable construction.I got a pair of TB1's and a B3 as an "overall setup" for acoustic ensembles and all I can say for now is that these mics SMOKE big time!  

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