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How to repair a speaker?

6/7/2005 9:39 AM
How to repair a speaker?
I have a celestion speaker with a small rip (sorry my english, I dont know if this is the right word, but I think is enough to understand), and I saw a video "tube amp basics for guitarrist" and it explains how to fix a speaker with this problem. It uses a piece of paper and white glue.  
Someone knows the type of paper to use?  
And how that speaker will sound? To much different from a good one?  
There is better methods to fix it?  
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6/7/2005 12:48 PM
Jack Collins

Toilet Paper.  
Sound of speaker won't change.  
If you go here and search around  
there is a short guide on how to do this.
6/7/2005 3:19 PM

I will try to do it with toilet paper.  
The only guide that I can find is on this page:, a answer related to a Fender Bassman.  
Thanks again!!
6/8/2005 7:35 AM
Hi Tiago,  
Check out the webpage I created describing a speaker repair for a Jensen I did:  
good luck  
6/8/2005 8:37 AM

That webpage shows all the steps!  
Now I just got question, should I use contact cement or white glue (used in wood)?  
6/8/2005 8:45 AM

Regis, I saw in your site that you own a studio. I'm starting on home recording, and I really need some advices. I'm thinking about buying a mic preamp (behringer mic200) or a mixer (also behringer) to connect between a SM57 and the soundcard of my PC. Based on your exprerience, what should be the best one to buy (I'm very low on $)?  
If you have some other advices that you find essential to make some records, please...  
Sorry the off-topic, but I can't find your mail.  
6/8/2005 11:20 AM
Re: Home Recording
If you're only going to record one track at a time, I'd suggest sticking with a decent tube mic pre. They sound great and are really affordable these days.  
If you have the ability to input multiple channels, I'd recommend the Nady PRA-8 ( 8 channel mic pre. It's not tube but, for the money, sounds pretty awesome. I've got two in my studio rack.  
If you go to the Events page on our website ( and click the link to the song "Hunger & Sweat", you can hear the PRA-8 in action. This is a live off the floor demo of one of the songs that will be on our upcoming album. The entire song was recorded live through my two PRA-8's direct.  
I have a recording studio as well. It's primarily used for recording our own stuff, since the whole thing is built into my house, but I do contract out for audio for video projects and the occasional band project.

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