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Lafayette KT-92? i think?

5/2/2005 12:55 PM
Lafayette KT-92? i think?
just got a hold of an OOOOOOOOOOLD Lafayette audio amp that i *believe* is a KT-92. looks remarkably similar to the KT here:  
a few deviations in the schem, but damned close.  
can't get any audio, and the tubes won't glow, even tho they seem to be getting juive. in fact, there seems to be a full 110V just about anywhere you stick a probe! (i'm guessing that's part of the problem).  
any thoughts about where to start pokin' around?  
many thanks,  
5/2/2005 1:39 PM
a lot of the old tube radios had all the heatrs connected in series, so if one heater got interupted, non of the others tubes would glow either..could it be like this in your amp?..  
5/2/2005 1:45 PM

hey johan, thanks for the reply. this one does, in fact, have all the heaters hooked up in series. the weird thing is that it *seems* like there's juice to all of them, but no glow, no sound, nuttin'.  
i'm doing all of this from memory (unfortunately i'm at my day job now), but like i posted initially, there's 117V *everywhere* thoroughout this ckt!
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