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Output Transformer

3/28/2005 10:19 AM
Mr Brokenamp Output Transformer
What's involved with installing an output transformer?  
Do I need to do any internal diagnostics or is it just bolt it in and solder?
3/28/2005 1:46 PM

As stated in the previous post. Are you sure it's a bad transformer. How are you testing it? Output transformers do fail more than pwr transformers but still there are many other things that I would suspect first. This is a stereo amp. Does the other side work ok?
3/28/2005 1:48 PM

I'm assuming if your replacement is the same as your original transformer, then you could just simply bolt it in and solder.  
I replaced my output transformer on my Electar Tube 10 amp, but I replaced it with a larger transformer that I found on eBay. First I had to determine if I could actually use it. The eBay auction said it came from a single-ended 6V6 tape player but it could be used for 6L6 too. But to be safe I read up on how to choose an output transformer. I learned what I needed from something I read in Gerald Weber's Tube Amp Talk book. If I remember correctly, I basically had to make sure the impedance ratio between the primary and secondaries of the new transformer was similar to the old transformer. I guess that would be the same ratio as the impedance ratio between your amp and your speaker. I guess for maximum transfer of power you need matching impedences. The primary impedance should match your amp and the secondary impedance should match your speaker. I think the book told how to deterine the impedance of the windings.  
This is from memory, so don't take my advice as gospel.
3/29/2005 6:42 PM
Mr Brokenamp
The transformer definately went kablooey, heated up the one contact so much the solder melted and the connected wire came loose. So it's for sure no good.
3/30/2005 12:41 PM

Well, as Clint said just hook up the new one and fire it up. You should check the bias also. Putting a different tranny from the orig. in there will be tricky as there's not a whole lot of room.
3/30/2005 8:07 PM
Mr Brokenamp
Ok That's all I thought there was to do, I was a little uncomfortable just putting a new tranny in since I wasn't the one to blow it up.
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