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SF DeluxeReverb:4ohms cab?

12/13/2005 2:20 AM
Hines SF DeluxeReverb:4ohms cab?
I'd like to run my SF DeluxeReverb with a 2x12"4ohms cab.Can the standard OT handle the mismatch or have I to go for a new  
OT with 4/8ohms tap?  
Thanks for informations,  
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12/13/2005 1:19 PM
Steve A.

    The traditional "rule of thumb" for old Fender BF and SF amps is that you can USUALLY go up or down in the speaker load by a factor of two. So with a Deluxe Reverb looking for an 8 ohm speaker load, you can PROBABLY use a 4 ohm or 16 ohm without burning anything up. YMMV!  
    If you were to choose between 4 ohms and 16 ohms, I THINK that 4 ohms is the safer choice. But speakers will sound differently when you wire them up in parallel or in series. I think I saved an AMPAGE thread about that very subject at The Blue Guitar... I did! I did!  
--Good luck!  
Steve Ahola
12/13/2005 4:50 PM
thanks a lot, the DXRev's sound with my 4 ohms (2x12" 75W Fane Vintage loaded) cab is really great, good sparkle, nice mid break up and tight bass, much better than the somewhat scratchy sound of the built in Vintage Celestion.The damping thread gives useful informations, I also like the sound of parallel wired  
speakers better than series wired ones for a more open tone with better definition.  
12/24/2005 4:22 PM
Steve Dallman

You could always switch to 6L6's which will make 4 ohms the ideal load.
12/24/2005 6:45 PM
Don Symes

just beware that the 6L6 wants twice the heater current of the 6V6. (900mA vs. 450mA, each).
12/25/2005 1:16 PM
Steve Dallman

I've run 6L6's in my DR for years. I've had friends and customers do the same. One could check if there's a drop in heater voltage with the 6L6's but I've yet to hear of anyone having problems running the higher heater current 6L6's.  
A bud of mine had his Super Reverb stolen from his car. While he was looking for a replacment, I loaned him my 6l6 loaded 67 DR. He played 3-5 times a week with his (loud) blues band for 6 months. The amp held up marvelously. He finally found another SR. (FWIW, when I switched to 6L6's, I cathode biased them and loved the tone and response.)  
I worked on a SF Deluxe Reverb owned by a guy in Milwaukee. It needed a cap job, and I equal weighted the channels, and revoiced the normal channel for more versatility. He borrowed my DR while I worked on his.  
His DR had probably the highest B+ voltage of any DR I've worked on. I was a little concerned about how well 6V6's would fare in this amp. The owner was too, and after playing my amp, he decided he wanted to switch his to cathode bias. I did and also changed the screen resistors to 1K5W.  
He had some very nice NOS 6L6's and 6V6's. I tried them all in his amp after changing to cathode bias, and they all fell into a comfortable operating range with no adjustments of the cathode resistor. This pleased the owner greatly, as he could change tubes without worry.  
I believe he had a Weber "California" model speaker in that amp.  
Anywho, the owner e-mails me a couple times a year to report his amp is still running with no failures of any type.
12/26/2005 11:22 AM
Don Symes

Experience beats theory any day.

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