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Re: dumble mod question

9/16/2005 9:31 PM
Steve A.
Re: dumble mod question
    So which stage did you add the local feedback loop to? My guess would be the 12AX7 stage after the volume controls?  
Steve Ahola
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9/17/2005 7:26 AM
Dr Rico

Right you are, Esteban! Its a 5E5 sorta kinda with a high gain and low gain input, carved into an old lunchbox PA head. The feedback tightened it up a bit and tamed some of the hash that was drilling my earhole. Its not a gottahave, but it is a nicetahave.  
Hasta --> Rico  
P.S. Hey! I'd like to hear your thunks some day about a little something cool in the Snider amps. I'll post about it here soonly.
9/17/2005 6:46 PM

Dr. Rico,  
Yes, please post the "little something cool" you know about the Snider amps. Something positive feedback related perhaps? Thanks.  

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