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Re: speakers

1/18/2005 11:28 AM
Ray Ivers
Re: speakers
I think I'll stick with "heavy overdrive", which I'll define for common reference purposes as an overdrive level equal to or greater than that produced by a hot bridge humbucker into a dimed Tube Screamer into a dimed Marshall 1959 amp (YMMV, of course). This is quite a bit more gain than a single-coil into a stock Marshall 2203 MV amp with the gain dimed and the master set low, which would be just one of many different types & quantities of 'preamp' distortion.  
I didn't compare the Vintage 30's this time, but I did compare them to the 70th Anniversary G12H reissues a while back, and the H's had a bit more bass and top end than the V30's with about the same volume level. An educated guess; the Delta Pros will be noticeably louder than either the V30's or 30H's, with more bass and low-mids and less hi-highs than either.  
The thing I like the most about the Delta Pros is that their sound stays very consistent from bedroom to earbleed levels. At low levels there's no 'fizz' that I could hear, and of course none when you turn them up either, with very little breakup even when driven with a cranked 100W power stage.  

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