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Faking a "second channel" on a single channel head?

6/18/2004 9:29 PM
Mike Ben-Ezra
Faking a "second channel" on a single channel head?
I've got a neat PTP-wired "Red Bear" 50 watt head that's got some sweet overdrive as well as a solid clean tone. It's a single channel head with high and low gain inputs as well as a gain boost switch, with preamp and master volumes. I was wondering if there's any way (maybe involve a TPDT switch?) to be able to switch between the "high" gain input and one master volume knob to the "low" gain input with a second master volume knob in order to add the option of footswitching clean/gain. Has this ever been done before? I'd like to be able to have one setting on the low gain input and the other on the high gain input, with a switchable master volume. I imagine that hooking put a switch to switch between two master volume potentiometers might not be that hard (but could it be dangerous to the amp?), but switching from the low to high-gain input might be tricky. The schematics for the 100-watt version of the amp are at . If anyone could help me out in any way I'd REALLY appreciate it.  
6/19/2004 5:39 AM

There is a Boost circuit that works like that on Also, in thier forum you will see a lot of information regarding this circuit. All very recent.

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