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marshall valvestate VS100R schem?

4/18/2005 7:50 AM
marshall valvestate VS100R schem?
I have some problems with a Marshall VS100R amp.Someone has done some mods in it and I'd like to make it as it was original.But I need the schem of it.  
Can anyone help me?  
I allready have VS65 schem but it isn't the same. :(
4/19/2005 1:08 AM
Terry Shipman

This is always a goos place to look for Marshall schematics, owners manuals etc:  
4/19/2005 3:34 AM

yes I had visited with no results due to some problems he had with his server(ISP).  
I sent him an e-mail asking for help and he was very helpfull!!  
Today he sent me the schems with an e-mail.  
Very nice person! I didn't have any contact with him in the past.
4/20/2005 1:54 AM

Are you the same one I sent them too also? I sent them off to someone on another forum.
4/20/2005 2:58 AM

Hi Enzo,  
Yes I'm the same person.Thanks again.  
Dr.Tube sent me three send me I have the missing (reverb PCB) now. :)  
I have posted to diyaudio some more problems I have.  
I'm searching for a good European marshall dealer.  
IC6 is missing!!! It's a dual switched mixer op-am(i think).I'm trying to find it.It's coded as M5201 or 5201A (mitsubishi).  
I also need three pots.  
Any help on this?
4/26/2005 3:23 AM

I am a Marshall dealer, so I just order such things from them. Well, from the US distributor, not direct from JMP. Not sure what you do in Europe. I have never bothered to look elsewhere. I have to think it is available somewhere, it isn't a custom part for Marshall.  
Is only IC6 missing, or are there some resistors and things gone too. Without me looking it up, what does that IC do in the amp?
4/28/2005 12:02 AM
Hi Enzo,  
I ordered the parts from a dealer over here.  
Thank you very much for your help!  
The sad thing is that maybe I bought them a little bit expensive.  
Only IC6 was missing (it's something like a dual switching op-amp)and three pots that the previous owner had replaced them with other kind of pots!  
I bought the pots at 7 euro each(!) and 3 euro the 5201A,without VAT.
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