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Re: Arcing in Tube Sockets - SOLVED!

2/4/2005 7:35 AM
Re: Arcing in Tube Sockets - SOLVED!
Thanks for responding Enzo!!  
That link in the original post is to some very useful OT testing procedures that help me solve this problem. I have since put that link in the reading list here. I don't have a variac but I found a little 12VAC adaptor that worked well. I hooked it to the center tap and 1 leg of the primary (input side) then took voltage measurements of my primary side hookup and the secondary taps against the common. Doing a little math let me determine the turns ratio for the 2 useful taps that I had. Just to be sure, I did the testing with the other leg of the primary also. I got nearly identical results, so I felt comfortable.  
I don't know if UL taps behave like those "pass through" secondary taps or not. I need to research that more.  
This was a chassis from an old Wilcox-Gay device. Probably either one of their "Recordio" units, or a reel to reel. I could never track it down to an exact model. Recordio's were home recording devices that cut grooves in vinyl discs - obviously prior to the advent of magnetic tape. This chassis has made a KICKIN' little guitar amp for me. I have built a cabinet for it and a matching 2 X 12 with vintage Jensen P12Q's (not the reissues). It sounds great!!  
This link has some pics of the amp and cabinet and another link to my original post about my successful build of the amp and has some clips of it.  
I need to get serious about my next project now that these cabs are finished!!! LOL :)

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