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Crossline or post PI tone controls?

4/28/2006 6:01 PM
Satamax Crossline or post PI tone controls?
Hi everybody!  
Has anybody tried crossline or post PI tone controls? something like on the right page ?  
Or after a concertina? Post Pi tone controls, and a master volume, where a concertina would be the input valve, then one gaiin stage on each side, tone controls, another gain stage or two , volume control to power valves?  
Thanks a lot and best regards.  
4/30/2006 2:33 PM
Nubody intrested? Neverming i bump it and i'll call it dead if it doesn't pick up :D
5/1/2006 7:22 AM
Steve A.

    Vox and Matchless have used cross-line tone controls (but not the same circuits as in the pages you posted).  
    It is like a good global tone control to compensate for the sound and response of the speakers or the output tubes.  
Steve Ahola
5/1/2006 10:49 AM
Thanks a lot Steve.  
I remember you telling me about conjonctive filters in Voxes, loooooonnnnggggg time ago :D  
Thanks again.  
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