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Kendrick TweedTwin

4/25/2006 4:24 PM
Wild Bill
Kendrick TweedTwin
Googled all over and can't find the answer.  
Can the Kendrick Tweed Twin PT handle EL-34's? Seems lots of guys stick 'em in but couldn't find any reference to the increased heater current, or even re-biasing for that matter!  
No history at the Kendrick site.  
Looking inside the amp I don't see any provision for impedance matching either.  
Anybody got some experience to pass on? It's a beautifully made amp - 4 5881's and a standalone reverb tucked inside!  
Mr. Weber made a nice one. I wouldn't want to fry the PT.  
---Wild Bill
4/25/2006 4:37 PM

I've called down to Kendrick a number of times and he's almost always been the one to answer the phone. He generally will answer questions about his amps readily (unless he's in a bad mood). I'd give that a try (512-932-3130).  
I've actually found him to be very helpful, although he does have opinions.  
I've read all of his books and I believe that in one of them he said that he over designs by 100%. If that's true, I'd guess EL34's would be okay.
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