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Re: Speaking of JJ Tubes

12/15/2005 8:49 AM
Re: Speaking of JJ Tubes
I just got a quad of JJ 6V6s from Eurotubes, and enclosed with my order was a pre-printed note that looks like it is meant to be sent out with all orders of JJ power tubes. It says you might have to retension the power tube sockets before you install JJ power tubes, but doesn't come right out and say that the pins are too small. Instead, it says that if you've used Russian tubes before, then they may have had extra solder on the pins that could have enlarged the contacts in the sockets.  
I had already read this thread, so I was a little skeptical of that explanation.  
But I like the last set of JJ 6V6s I got, and if I like these just as much then I'll probably buy more. I'll just have to keep an eye on the tube sockets.  

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