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Simplified AC30 Clone

Clyde Simplified AC30 Clone
I'm not too up on Vox clones and a client wants a 2-channel w/top-boost amp, no reverb or trem. Are  
there any boutique schematics that fill the bill?  
Any transformer and speaker recommendations? Thanks.  
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11/13/2005 12:16 AM
Chris/CMW amps

Hi Clyde  
Sounds like a Matchless DC30 :)  
Matchless DC30: TopBoost channel with paralleld 1st tube and the right channel does have an EF86 like the very early AC30s.  
You could also do this:  
Just clone the AC30 but don't use the trem./vibrato-channel circuit and then connect the non-topboost-channel to the other input of the PI so you can mix both channels without phase-problems. Brian May does use the normal-channel with a booster in front of it.  
MercuryMagnetics does offer at least 3 versions, the Wooden ones are the most used/wanted afaik.  
OEI does offer a great output OT and companies like Heybour are also offering AC30 iron.  
Celestion Alnico Blue or H30s or contact Ted Weber for his excellent suggestions.  
Hope this helps,  
11/13/2005 5:53 AM
11/25/2005 2:57 PM
That looks exactly like a Doug Hoffman  
11/27/2005 10:49 PM
It is, It is a Doug Hoffman layout! Mike sells Hoffman boards and I've dealt with him before, good  
11/28/2005 9:32 AM

Yes it is Doug's layout.I manufacture the Hoffman board kits and do give Doug credit for the layouts on my site.  
Thanks for the kind words.
11/28/2005 5:46 PM
Mark Abbott

There is an AC-30 circuit of sorts at the Twreck page that I came up with from what I had heard on the matter (it's not my circuit design.)  
I had also heard that some people like using a 1K resistor in the power supply instead of the 22K (from memory) that Vox uses.  
It's all food for thought.  
Yours Sincerely  
Mark Abbott

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