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Schematic for Marshall 2061X, (reissue 20watt handwired)

10/3/2005 1:18 PM
John Kelley Brown
Schematic for Marshall 2061X, (reissue 20watt handwired)
I've looked in all the usual internet places and can't find a schematic for this amp. I traced a schematic of one last night but I didn't go for a second sweep to see if I missed anything, so it would be cool to check against something else. It would also be cool to get a schematic of the original model  
Interesting amp, very simple, surprising voltages, 390v on the plates of the EL84's, plus a lot of filtering. No wonder it's punchy. But quite different than the 18 watt schematics I've seen.  
If no other schematic is available, I'll double check the one I hand drew, then draw it up on OrCAD for others to see.  
10/3/2005 3:59 PM
Dai Hirokawa
Re: Schematic for Marshall 2061X, (reissue 20watt handwi
there is one in the History of Marshall book of a 2061, and it looks very similar to this one:  
diff. seems to be the bright ch.? in the 2022 has a 5nF bypass on the pot plus 500pF across the 680k series R. You might want to grab a copy of H of M. Seems useful for the schematics in the back. There is also a schemo of a the trem, bass and PA versions.
10/4/2005 12:46 AM
John Kelley Brown

Thanks Dai,  
I have that Marshall book as well as all the TUT books and even more in my library. The problem is, ever since I moved from my last house a few months ago I can't seem to find them in all the packed boxes. Bummer!  
Anyway, I'll finish comparing the schematic I traced to the one you pointed me to, as well as double check it against the amp one more time, then draw it up in CAD. I've also taken detailed pictures of the innards, I'm going into the pictures and attaching reference designators to the components in the pictures to match the reference designators on the schematic I'll draw, should make it easy for anyone who want's to make a homebrew from it.  
This amp is really nice sounding, I haven't been this impressed by an amp in quite a while, and I don't like cathode bias and no NFB, quite a departure for me, I think the high voltages and extra filtering give it the clarity and punch that please my ears. There is some mush that I'm not crazy about, but the rich harmonic overlay mostly makes up for it.  
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