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Thrift Store Test Eq. Find

7/6/2005 5:52 PM
MarkB Thrift Store Test Eq. Find
I've been checking the local thrift stores for a few months with no luck. Today, I found a bunch of units on the shelf with dials, knobs, and screens. I brought home these:  
HP 1741A o-scope w/probes and manual - $25  
Hitachi V212 o-scope - $12  
Leader LSG-16 signal generator - $6  
Lambda LA300 DC power supply 0-16V - $4  
All of them lit up except the HP - I still have to check it out. How'd I do? I left some signal generators, a bench Fluke meter, and another scope behind.
7/6/2005 10:56 PM
Mark Lavelle

Nice catch! Was this anywhere near San Mateo, CA? I'd be happy to go check out the leftovers... :D  
If you've got access to a recently calibrated scope you can easily get the others in shape after the signal generator is tuned up. Alternatively, if the signal generator can do 60Hz you can semi-calibrate it using the AC volts setting of any decent DMM...
7/7/2005 9:56 AM
Brockton MA, hoome of Rocky Marciano, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, and not much more.  
I'm going to try to find someone locally who can help me with the scope - there should be a retired repair guy with time on his hands.
7/15/2005 10:05 AM
Your in the Bay area?
Hi Mark(s),  
I'm in Pacific Grove ( Monterey, Ca. ).. Hey Mark L are you going to the Healdsburg guitar fest next month?  
7/15/2005 11:43 AM
Mark Lavelle

Pacific Grove? Now there's a little piece of Paradise. I've always wondered what folks do to make a living out there (I hear the smuggling biz ain't what it used to be since the end of Prohibition)...
"Hey Mark L are you going to the Healdsburg guitar fest next month?"
No, but it sounds like it could be fun. Is it as strictly acoustic as it looks on the web site, or just 'slanted' that way? [I go both ways, but I have to admit that the acoustic guitar has fallen to 3rd priority since I bought a sax last year...]  
I'm no gearhead, but I'm getting more & more interested in guitar building and that looks like the kind of place to pick up some pointers. Is it annual?
7/16/2005 6:57 PM

Sorry It took a bit to get back, my wife's birthday was Friday, so I've been a bit busy..  
The guitar fest will have both, although it is a bit more leaning toward acoustic ( some of the world's best jazz box builders will also be there ). It's held once every two years, and worth spending a day to check out ( I'm hangin around Saturday night to see the Jorgenson quintet, John will be in extra rare form ).  
We here in Mayberry, I mean P.G. haven't seen many smugglers, or Lover's of Jesus for quite a while ( Not that there's anything wrong with it ).  
Have you done any business with South Valley Vintage Amps, in Morgan Hill?  
7/16/2005 9:32 PM
Mark Lavelle

I was originally thinking of that GuitFest as a bit far for a day trip, without really considering staying for a concert. The Jorgenson show does sound likely to be a treat - I love that kind of music. Driving all the way home afterwards will be a bit of a drag, but right now I'm leaning heavily towards going. Are you planning on staying overnight?  
I've never dealt with South Valley Vintage Amps. It's a bit far to go for parts I can get on eBay cheaper (even with shipping), and I can't afford the amps they sell...

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