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Re: Why PEC ?

7/7/2005 12:34 AM
Pierre Debs Re: Why PEC ?
I use nothing but PEC pots. I have PEC pots for test beds which have been soldered and resoldered over 1000 times and they are still perfect. Alessandro has them, they are expensive but if you only need a few.....OTherwise, WestLabs has the Clarostats in audio taper.
7/10/2005 8:03 AM

I agree that the two best pots out there are probably PEC and Clarostat. The Alpha's are ok for replacements or when you can't find the specific values or taper that you want. The only thing I don't like about the PEC's is the backs are extremely hard to solder on to and you almost have to rough them up and use some serious wattage on your iron. They are awesome feeling and smooth.,  
7/10/2005 5:12 PM
David B

I just make a separate buss( not on the pot) using those pots, stainless is tough to solder to.  
7/12/2005 8:38 PM
Mark Abbott

I'm told that you can't solder on the back of the Clarostats either as it is stainles steel too.  
A buss bar isn't a big deal anyway. I have tried the West Clarostat pots. They are well made, but i didn't think they felt smooth when being turned. I'm not sure what the audio taper of the pot feels like.  
How do PEC pots compare to the Clarostats in both regards?  
(I'm not too sure about which smoothness you were referring to.)  
Thanks for your time.  
Yours Sincerely  
Mark Abbott
7/12/2005 9:34 PM

Hey Mark, I normally use the CLAROSTAT 250k A pot or RV4NAYSD254A. I guess what I mean by smooth is when you turn it there isn't any bumps,lags or gritty abrasion like most Alpha and cheap Taiwan pots. I can turn a PEC and it just glides thru the spectrum without any snag whatsoever. Most new pots will do this but after time tighten up but the Clarostats and PEC don't.  
"How do PEC pots compare to the Clarostats in both regards?"
I really don't have as much problem soldering to the Clarostats but then again I don't usually solder to that pot as much as the 1 meg Audio PEC. I got a bunch from Randall a while back and use them in the values the PEC's don't come in.  
I like the feel and the way the Clarostats last without cleaning but of course any pot taking grunge is going to get gritty. I guess it's hard to explain but they both turn extremely smooth and have a feel that most other pots don't.,  
7/18/2005 12:17 PM
Apex Jr.

To Dai...  
Thanks for the mention, I do have a good stock of  
PEC Pots but the only value is 5K and have  
a bunch  
To KB  
I have the Clarostat 250K RV4NAYSD254A  
in linear and priced at $2.50ea  
Other pots in stock, however all Audio  
have sold out. I have linear only now  
in stock various values.  
Steve @ Apex Jr.
7/18/2005 3:46 PM
Dai Hirokawa

no problem! 2.50 for those 250k RV4s are practically a steal! I actually bought some 5k allen-bradley for about that here in tokyo, but that was just about miraculous. I've yet to order from Apex jr. but I LOVE surplus places! Take care...
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