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7/5/2005 5:37 AM
Hi Mark  
I do use the tapped Weber pots for brownface/brownfacing Fenders. Good bang for the bucks, you'll need some extra washers/etc. to mount them tightly/correctly.  
Keep on rockin'!  
Love, peace & loudness
7/12/2005 8:43 PM
Mark Abbott
The victimless crime!
Dear Chris  
I am thinking of buying some of those 350K pots for my 60's Fender Bandmaster. As I don't expect the pots to last forever. Thanks for you advice on them.  
I've told friends that owning an old Fender is a bit like owning an old car, you really should make sure you have spare parts on hand.  
Yours Sincerely  
Mark Abbott
7/5/2005 7:02 PM
John Kelley Brown
Re: Transatlantic?
I'm glad you are interested in building a Transatlantic! You are right about the Fender side, the Fender Blonde is my second all time favorite amp, the first being the plexi Marshall, hinse the other channel, or, basicaly it's a complete plexi Marshall with a Blonde Bassman preamp appended to it, or that's how it started. I've seen Ted Weber's Blonde pots, but I have it dialed in now with no need to add the pots, besides, the pot only effects the treble knob settings when down much lower than I use, so I have the resistor/cap in place because I found it does make a difference.  
It was up and working beautifully but I decided to see what happened if I preserved the basic topology but worked on voicing it more to my tastes. Well, after 2 years of extensive solder and component flinging and listening until my ears ached I finally ended up with just the amp I've been hearing in my head. Everyone who's played through it, really want's one but I don't have the time to build them, that may change in the future, but for now I'm snowed under with other things.  
For Speakers, I use a Vintage 30 for it's edgy in-your-face tone, but combine that with the G12H as a foil to to the V30, a good cop, bad cop kind of thing. I use an old 2 X 12" Fender cab that I made a back baffle for out of 1/2" 13 ply birch with 2 big slots, 6" X 2" near the bottom below each speaker. I also think this amp would sound very good, yet different if it were in a 4 X 10" combo, it would have to be voiced a little differently and I'd use a tube rectumfrier. I know it would work because the Plexi Plus, also on my site, is that way, but it's just the plexi channel and not voiced for as much punch. The Plexi Plus, has 2 Weber P12Q's and 2 Vintage 10's in series parallel for 8 ohms. In the recording studio I was surprised that I prefered this plexi-like circuit with the microphone on the P10Q rather than the Celestion, it was brighter, but with a Royer R121, a slightly dark mic, into the Great River Neve clone mic preamp I was able to lay some great tone to "tape". I digress, but regarding speakers, the Transatlantic was originaly voiced with 2 V30's and sounded great, so I did voice around the arrogant nature of the V30, but found that I did like it with the G12H even better, essentially, the amp seems to work with anything. I bet it would be the bee's knees into a 4 x 12" Hiwatt cab loaded with Fane Crescendos, but that would mean I'd need to hire a chiropractor.  
7/6/2005 12:40 AM

Hi John,  
what you've wrote about your Transatlantic sounds very, very good to me. Where can I get a schematic for this amp? It would be really fantastic if you could help me.  
7/6/2005 10:18 AM
John Kelley Brown

The schematic is at:  
I'd love to help. I can answer some questions, but I'm verry snowed under at work and am taking a tough class, so sometimes it takes a while for me to get back to you.  
I'd recommend building it into a fresh chassis, not butchering a vintage amp like I did, (it wasn't so vintage when I started the project then abandand it 20 years ago). That also allows you to do cool things like channel switching.  
Have fun with it!  
7/6/2005 1:04 PM
Rick Erickson

Please don't sue me but: I've been calling my latest MV Marshall Preamp mod "Plexi-Plus" because it's basically a Plexi in the "Low" jack and an extra gain stage in the "Hi" jack.  
7/6/2005 4:23 PM
John Kelley Brown

Hey, no problem Rick, I'm just a hobbiest, not a suer. The name "Plexi-Plus" in low hanging fruit that's easy to pick, I grabbed it because that amp is just a slightly tweeked plexi circuit, and not something I make money on. So enjoy using the name with no worries about me.  
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