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Re: Voltage Divider Question

6/2/2005 8:37 PM
Chuck Re: Voltage Divider Question
"We're talking about two different things.  
The fact that you don't understand that, and what I'm writing about is for you, a problematic, third thing."  
Don't underestimate what I understand. As for what were talking about, well, I think it is you that mistook Sheas meaning in the original post, and that is what I was addressing.  
"The fact that you can't be objective and find personal slight in simple reasoning is an additional problem you will need to work on."  
I think my reaction was perfectly in accord with your cavalier disregard for this forum's typical etiquette. And you can quote semantically from your post and say that isn't how it was but you were well aware that you were doing it. Thats why you post anonymous. If it's a fight you want then find an anger forum or stop letting your wife kick your ass and slap her back for a change.  
"The input capacitance of a typical preamp stage is a few puffs. Form a filter between that and a typical grid stopper resistance of say 36K and where are you, Fido?"  
There go the semantics again. There is alot more going on between the guitar output/amp input marriage than that. It's sooo easy to be antagonistic when you only use the information that suits you and ignore the rest. Your looking foolish and I'm losing the will to fight with you. Your going to have to be more convincing if you plan to hold my interest...Woof  
6/2/2005 11:04 AM
"In case you haven't tried it, the difference between a 250k and a 1M guitar volume pot is quite easy to hear. If, as you say, all this attenuation only amounts to 1 to 5% then it must be a sensitive margin here. I don't do electronics per se but I do build guitars and amps. And IIRC there are more considerable impedance changes with the guitar volume control and even the amps 1M input load resistor than you propose making the guitar output/amp input arrangement more frequency sensitive to the componant values than you recognize in your response."
In case you are sitting on your head - don't be a nit - listen up....  
You can not increase the voltage output at any or all frequencies of a passive system by adding a big honking resistor across its output!!!  
You can only attenuate under this circumstance - this is the point, the only point - there will never be another point.
6/2/2005 12:23 PM
Carl Gigun
Stupid trolls. Nobody said adding a resistor across the output increased highs, they're talking about reducing loading by increasing the 250k pot or whatever is already there to a 1Meg. You made up the idea that they were saying the opposite to start a fight. Go back to your hole.  
6/2/2005 5:59 PM

"You can not increase the voltage output at any or all frequencies of a passive system by adding a big honking resistor across its output!!!"
Although some guitar pickups are called "active", others "passive", none guitar pickup is a "passive" system!  
Every guitar pickup is a linear electro motor, powered from the string's swing. And its output AC voltage very well can be attenuated with different resistor value's to the source - and also its resonance point (or is it called "sweet spot"?) will be moved up or down with different R's values.  
When you're already so tough, anonymous - why don't you teach at a high school?
6/2/2005 6:30 PM
Joe N.

Nein, er furcht sich!  
Joe N.
6/3/2005 2:57 AM

What is all this BS? This is like some junior high school cafeteria fight. This place has been polite for a long time, why must we listen to this crap now.  
If you disagree with someone, fine. No need to add the name calling and sarcasm. If someone disputes your claim, you can defend it without calling the other soul a Bozo. Present the math or whatever.  
I'm outa here.
6/3/2005 10:06 AM
Sorry Enzo. I've seen this anonymous guy post before. He pops in every now and then. His posts don't just tend to disagree. They have a kind of "whats the matter with you" air about them. That and he posts anonymous. He just bugs me.  
I'm better now.  
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