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Vibroverb Chassis, bought one!

4/27/2005 7:19 AM
Dominik Vibroverb Chassis, bought one!
Hi gang,  
before seeing this thread here, I bought one such kit from the guy in Bangkok (sp?) ;->.  
It arrived safely yesterday. Fantastic!  
Top notch quality. The chassis is superbly made, the ground buss as well. The eyeletboards are to specs and look extremely well made, the Faceplate and backplate are 100% original and look fantastic.  
For 155 US plus shipping, this is unbeatable. The guy was a charm to work with and as said, the chassis arrived in almost no time.  
If I would not have so little time and money, I would buy a Deluxe chassis from him as well.  
For now, just a Vibroverb (souped up) with one channel sporting the 350k tapped Treble-Pot, the other channel to BF specs.  
I still am thinking about implementing the Brown Face harmonic vib, but would either have to cut a new hole for a tube, or use the RG FET oscillator (as was discussed on the FX-board some while ago.).  

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