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Dual Cascading Gain

4/7/2005 3:09 AM
Joesph German
Dual Cascading Gain
Howdy all,  
Hey, I have an old Fender Squier Champ 25GR with dual cascading gains on the drive channel... How are these supposed to work? Is there some benefit to this setup? I've goofed with these two knobs all over the place, but I can't figure out what they're supposed to accomplish beyond ordinary gain.  
Playing with an Epiphone Les Paul Classic Gold Top (Dual Humbuckers), and medium strings for increased output.  
-just joe
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4/7/2005 8:58 AM

They give you more control over the way the amp overdrives. Some people like the sound of several stages overdriving slightly - instead of one stage having the snot driven out of it and the next having less overdrive (or vice versa). These dual pots let you dial in any type you like.  
For example, for bluesy mild overdrive, you can set the pots to get subtle distortion on two successive stages. Then if you back off on the guitar's volume pot, the tone'll clean up really well. Or if you vary your picking intensity, you get more dynamics. But on the same amp with just one Gain pot and cascaded stages, it's much harder to get the same type of response.  
It depends on the implementation though - if the amp's design isn't so good, the difference may be pretty subtle. And if you find yourself dialling in the maximum overdrive possible, you get no benefit over one pot nor a dual-gang pot. :)

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