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looking for rare schematics, will trade.

3/19/2005 1:51 AM
looking for rare schematics, will trade.
Hey everbody, I'm looking for some rare high gain amp schematics, like the Bogner Fish, Uberschall, VHT's anything like that. I have a few rare ones myself that I'd be willing to trade. I think that to keep this from becoming like the rt.66 schem craze around here, all inquiries/exchanges should be done via e-mail to keep things under control. The motives behind my request are purely for curiousity's sake, and not for any commercial expedition. Thanks for your time, my e-mail is at the top of the page. -Bill
3/19/2005 5:31 PM
Steve A.
Full circle?
BillD. said:  
I think that to keep this from becoming like the rt.66 schem craze around here, all inquiries/exchanges should be done via e-mail to keep things under control.  
    Well, that is the way that it used to be and most people did not have access to schematics for amps like the Dumble ODS. If you didn't have anything really hot to swap, you couldn't expect to get much in return. :(  
    Posting rare schematics on public websites was a radical new idea, unfortuneately with problems like addresses which could be traced back to real people. Not as much of a problem for people living overseas, but potentially a problem if you live in the US.  
    Still one idea that I have not seen implemented is a completely legal site that has no schematics, but links to other sites with the "stuff" (preferrably overseas where the lawyers could not exert any influence).  
--Just rambling on... ;)  
Steve Ahola
3/19/2005 5:54 PM

Call it hAmpster. How do you avoid a sting if you are trading schematics that actually have a copyright notice ?
3/19/2005 9:43 PM

I guess my idea isn't all that new after all! I just figured if everything is done in the privicy of our own e-mail adress's, rather than publicly posting on the internet (which only gets the owner of the website in trouble if any company wants to make an issue out of it), nothing bad should result, since there is no crime in only having and sharing a schematic for reference purposes.  
I also thought by doing it this way, it would keep things between people who have been around for a while and know what is ethical. A newbee who would have no problem posting a hot schem online, usually would not have those schems to begin with (because they would have nothing to trade for), and anyone else who had them that would post them online would have done so already, and thus they wouldn't be rare. So the way I see it, if anyone who trades with me or anyone else, posts any of the schematics you get on a public website, you will only be hurting yourself by making the rare schematics you get (which can be used to get you more rare schematics) available and thus untradable. Ya get what I mean with this? If you play by the rules, good things will come to you.
3/19/2005 11:22 PM
Copyright and Fraud Protection Inc. Re: Notification
We have been contracted to seek out certain individuals who have been involved with copyright infringement from musical merchandise manufacturers.  
A lawyer will contact you via email to discuss your role in this infringement!  
Thanks and have a great day!  
3/20/2005 7:44 AM

Is this a joke? Or some attempt to make some sort of point? Because as far as I know, I am not doing anything illegal, I am only looking for schematics that already exist, but are not online. If you are who you say you are, and I am infringing on any copyright laws, I will respect the laws as they are written. But I don't see an infringement in simply owning a copy of a schematic for reference purposes. If you guys are for real, like I said, I will respect your wishes.
3/22/2005 10:31 PM
Munk Re: Notification or initiation?
I think is was just an initiation joke to wecome you to Ampage, you know kinda like what John Travolta did to Joaquin Phoenix in ladder 49 in the beginning part of the movie :D  
Just got to laugh and roll with it man....  

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