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Univalve Schematic Anyone?

2/24/2005 8:08 PM
Clyde Univalve Schematic Anyone?
No unfortunately I'm not offering, but asking. Thanks. Clyde.
2/26/2005 2:49 PM
Rob B.
See Everything you want and more.
2/26/2005 3:48 PM
Hmm, I don't see it Rob, I don't think we're talking the same brand, THD is what I want. Thanks anyhow.
2/28/2005 12:42 PM
Greg Simon

Univox and Univalve aren't the same thing at all. Unless someone has done up their own, I doubt if you'll find this one around on the web. You may give THD a call and see if they would provide one, but I doubt that too. When I was up there a couple years ago, Andy Marshall was pretty secretive when I asked questions about the circuit, and probably rightly so. They're a VERY well made amp from what I was able to see of them.  
2/28/2005 2:54 PM
Carl Gigun

Do you think it's anything more than a cathode biased output stage? To do it fixed bias and still allow 'plug and play" of multiple tube types would have been quite complicated.  
With only 2 preamp tubes and a single output tube, it might sound great but it can't be due to any real magic you haven't seen before. A well built and well tuned variation on a champ would be my guess,  
2/28/2005 5:58 PM
Yes Carl It's definitely cathode-biased, 300R cathode  
resistor bypassed with a 330uf cap. It has 2 windings  
on the secondary for high and low voltages so you can  
plug in a 6V6 (low voltage only). It sounds best with  
a 6550 but I don't have a KT-88 to try. I like the  
sound to a point, but it's too trebley and lacks bottom end. I run the one I'm trying full bass and  
no treble. It's noisy in spite of dc on the filaments. There are components on both sides of the  
board, very, very hard to decipher what's in there.  
Sure is fun trying all those tubes in it. Stay tuned.  
3/2/2005 6:08 PM
Rob B.
Sorry about that-I was working fast and got the old Unicord "Univibe" and your Univalve confused.
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