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NANYO "The BULB" 200B Valve Amp

1/18/2005 6:38 AM
NANYO "The BULB" 200B Valve Amp
Hi to all - Anyone know any information regarding the NANYO 'The Bulb' 200B Valve Amp at all - I have the chance to buy one at a reasonable price and wish to find some information on it if I could please... I believe that the 200B designation means it is possibly a BASS Amp ? Would this unit be suitable for a 6 String Electric at all - could it be modified if needed to be made useable ? ANY help would be very much appreciated... Please email me at and/or leave a message here for me please.........  
Cheers from Australia...  
Greg - alias 'frostbite'... Blues Lyricist...

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