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Cap recommendations for a Hiwatt clone build?

1/8/2005 10:12 AM
Nick Cap recommendations for a Hiwatt clone build?
I'm building a Hiwatt DR504 (50W) clone, and I was wondering if any of you guys had any recommendations for signal caps in a circuit like that.  
I was going to just assume go with Mallory 150's, and Sprague PS series for any values I can't get with the Mallorys...good quality, and good price on both. And i've used them before with good results...  
...But does anyone have any suggestions for other Polyesters that would fair well in that circuit?  
Any comments on going with Polyprops in an amp like this? How are the Solen Fast caps?  
Thanks guys,  
1/8/2005 1:33 PM
I don't have specific Hiwatt recommendations but I've used cheap panasonic polyesters from Digikey before and have been very happy. They are polyester/foil 400V rated.

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