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Re: Reverb tank update

1/4/2005 9:33 PM
clint b Re: Reverb tank update
I guess I have things wrong!!! My amp doesn't have a reverb output. I'm powering it parallel off the speaker output and into another input channel on the same amp. So it's in foldback reverb mode. I will try something else...  
Thanks again,  
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1/5/2005 5:21 PM
Dr. Photon

try using it with that amp it came with (into a different speaker)
1/5/2005 6:55 PM
clint b
Grumble grumble grumble....  
Unfortunately one of the ecl82 tubes fell off the workbench and broke its little tip off. Ruined!!!! And I don't have an extra...  
I did try it with one amp powering a speaker and the reverb tank in parallel and another amp just for the reverb output. That worked well. The reverb was way loud and the reverb amp needed to be turned way down. The light pulses in relation to the sound level. Looks kinda neat! No feedback.  

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