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6BD6 Replacement?

12/13/2004 9:04 AM
6BD6 Replacement?
Is there a tube that's currently available that has the same tone and gain as a 6BD6? An EF86 maybe? My friend has an amp that uses them and I was thinking of building a similar amp, but wanted to use a tube that wasn't obsolete. I know you can still get them and that they're 7 pin types. Thanks.  
12/13/2004 7:14 PM
Jon Fleig

Daver, gives  
6BA6, 6CG6, 5749 as preferred substitutes and 6HR6 substitute.  
The 6SK7GT is the electrically similar octal tube.  
The EF86 is a sharp cutoff pentode, while the 6BD6 is a remote cutoff pentode.  
I find common radio/TV tubes like the 6BD6 are plentiful and inexpensive. For example (my favorite dealer) has 6BD6 for $US 2.00.  
The gain of the pentode (like triodes) depends on the plate voltage, load, screen, and cathode resistors. I like to run them at low gains (relative to what's possible), with a low value plate load to minimize the output impedance.  
12/14/2004 3:56 PM

Thanks. Yeah, I know they're out there, I was hoping there was a current production small pentode that would be similar. If I were to design an amp, I'd want to be able to use tubes that are still being made. The EF86 doesn't look similar enough and that's the only small pentode I know of that's still being made.  
12/14/2004 8:07 PM
Jon Fleig

I didn't connect that you meant "new production" for "currently available".  
Not sure when this was last updated:  
Doesn't look like much in the way of small signal pentodes.  

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