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global voltages

11/19/2004 4:02 AM
Chris @ CMW amps
global voltages
Hi all  
Right now I'm working on some new amps/transformers and they need to be export-ready. Did do some research on voltages but I'd rather have "real life measurements".  
Over here in the Netherlands it was 220 Volts but now it should be 230 Volts, I do measure voltages between 226 and 236 Volts during the day.  
Anyway, I'm looking for some help and measurements from the following countries:  
- USA ( west, middle and east )  
- Canada  
- Germany  
- Belgium  
- UK  
- Sweden  
- Norway  
- Denmark  
- Italy  
- Japan  
many tia!  
11/19/2004 5:50 AM
Dave H

The mains voltage in the EU was ‘harmonised’ (= fudged) to 230V +/-10% from 1 Jan 03. It used to be 240V +/-6% in the UK. What happened on 1 Jan 03 in the UK? Nothing, the voltage stayed at 240V! All we do is make sure it’s between 207V and 253V (230V+/-10%) and we’re ‘harmonised’. If your voltage was 220V before 1 Jan 03 then it probably still is. All they have to do is make sure it never drops below 207V and you’re golden. You’ve got to love the EU :D 230V light bulbs last about 10 minutes here.  
I live (20miles south of Manchester) it measures from 235V and 245V depending on the time of day. In the early evening it’s 235V and after midnight it can be 245V. Twenty years ago it always measured 240V.  
11/19/2004 5:49 AM
How do you measure it?  
Is it safe to use a standard DMM on the wall outlet?
11/19/2004 5:52 AM
Chris @ CMW amps

yep, just a DMM on the highest possible ac voltage range ( >300 Volts ac ). Be carefull, do not touch the pins!  
thanks and also to Dave!  
11/19/2004 6:07 AM
Dave H

"Is it safe to use a standard DMM on the wall outlet?"
That’s how I do it but be careful. Set the DMM to the appropriate Vac range and make sure the DMM leads are connected to the ‘voltage’ not ‘current’ sockets of the DMM. You wouldn’t want to be plugged into the ‘10A unfused’ socket ;)  
11/19/2004 8:16 AM
In Redmond, Washington, USA, (the Seattle area which is on the pacific northwest coast of the USA) my shop, house and local community is getting ~120vac.  
Typically the mains voltage around the pacific northwest in the US is between 117vac -to- 120vac.
11/19/2004 9:57 AM

Hi Chris,  
search this forum:  
Lots of info there.  
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