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New Sensor buying trademaks again!

9/23/2004 3:21 PM
Tom Phillips New Sensor buying trademaks again!
Just got the following message from New Sensor.  
"New Sensor is happy to announce that we've acquired the rights to both the Mullard and Tungsol trademarks.  
After years of development, our expert team of vacuum tube designers has re-created the best series of these famous tube types that has ever been marketed."  
Give me a break!  
And now, a word from our sponsors:

9/23/2004 3:26 PM
Chris @ CMW amps
pre NS Mullards?
9/23/2004 8:19 PM
9/24/2004 6:40 AM
Has any one tried these new tubes (EL34) from New Sensor?  
They might just be pretty good as I bought a set of 6CA7s for a 50 watt marshall a year ago and damn these sounded good. I was suprized and happy too.  
I may just give these EL34 a try myself.  
9/24/2004 7:17 AM
The thing is, no matter what they label a tube, they are limited to what is being made. The 6CA7's are most probably the EI tubes, but as far as EL34, they only have a few choices. The JJ is being made under the JJ name, although they may re-label it. It's not a Mullard, but it's a very good tube; I use it for all Marshall refurbs and the customers are very happy. Their other choices are the EH ones, which have (to my ears) a very fizzy thin sound. The Sovteks are flat and dead. The Chinese ones, I won't let near my amps; their KT66's are great, but their EL34's are crap. Only GT actually had tooling made to produce 2 tubes, the 6L6 out of California, and the 12AX7 out of China, which is a pretty good tube. New Sensor only relabels and sells. Save your money on EL34s and buy E34Ls from JJ.  
Just my opinion.  
9/24/2004 9:04 AM
Tim C.
Here is a picture of them. Looks like they are made in Russia.  
Tim C.
9/24/2004 9:05 AM
Tim C.
Try this link without the IMG.

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