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Does changing tube in Tonebone make any difference?

3/8/2005 9:33 PM
Does changing tube in Tonebone make any difference?
I was wondering if anybody here ever changed the tube in their Tonebone Classic, did it make any audible difference?  
I've heard people say that since the Tonebone's tube runs at such a low voltage that the tube doesn't really matter and that it's there mostly for window dressing. What do you guys think?
3/9/2005 4:41 AM
I agree.
3/11/2005 9:58 PM
NOPE. I've tried it and to me te tube is just a sales gimmick.  
According to a well respected tech I know with whom we openned my box, he said that the TB was is basically a Tube Screamer type pedal with a starved plate tube.  
In other words, the distortion is basically not done by the tube but by the circuit...  
We were fooled by the Tone Blown.
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