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Battery consumption in effects pedals.

3/5/2005 1:28 PM
Battery consumption in effects pedals.
I was wondering how long a fresh 9volt battery would last in an effect that draws 7 or 8 mAmps.
3/5/2005 6:18 PM
Steve Dallman

It could be a couple months or a year, depending on how often you used it. If pretty regular, I'd guess 3-4 months.
3/7/2005 8:17 AM

You can calculate/estimate your battery life if you want to.  
A regular 9V battery has a capacity of say 150-160mAH and if your pedal draws about 7-8mA it will last about 20 hours continius use (160/8).  
You will probably turn your pedal off (when you don't play =0)and the battery will recover a little but...  
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