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Anybody familiar with old Fender Fuzz-Wah -Volume pedal?

8/24/2004 6:33 PM
Humbucker Anybody familiar with old Fender Fuzz-Wah -Volume pedal?
A friend of mine has this old Fender Fuzz-Wah-Volume pedal, it's really old and clunky and huge. It's black and has a wide treadle with a big footswitch on either side. The footswitch on the left is for the Fuzz and the footswitch on the right is for the Wah.  
There are three thumbwheels in a row on the top of the pedal, one is for Fuzz, one is for Wah and one is for Volume. The fuzz sounds similar to a BigMuff IMO. There's an opamp on the PCB with the lettering rubbed off, I'm thinking this is for the fuzz, like an opamp BigMuff but I'm not sure.  
This friend seems to think that it doesn't sound as good as it used to but I think he's dreaming because everything seems to work. But maaannnn..... is it ever sick sounding! But in a good way. 8^)  
Anybody here familiar with this relic from the past? Is there a schematic for it somewhere?
8/26/2004 12:05 PM
It turns out that the 8-leg chip is a TL072.
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