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AD 900 Maxon Analog Delay...buffer vs true bypass?

5/4/2004 4:59 PM
AD 900 Maxon Analog Delay...buffer vs true bypass?
I've been looking for a good AD forever,and picked the AD 900...sounds great to my ears,plus 600ms of delay,but,the buffer adds a little too much sparkle(high end) to my sound when the unit is off.A little harsh.I have one buffer on my board which i'm very happy the sound of that buffer thru my rig,but,thats all i want on my board,one buffered pedal,the SD1.Tried both units in series together and no good.  
Can the AD 900 be true bypassed anyone?Good idea?That would be my ideal(and cheapest) solution.The push button switch on there now seems excellent,and is quite silent,but that second choice would be to mod the buffer to be more pleasing...last choice is a looper,but thats more expensive...maybe i should bite the bullet on that though...get rid of my ab box into tuner in one go....??
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