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Mxr dis+ impressions,reviews please

4/24/2004 8:08 AM
Mxr dis+ impressions,reviews please
How does it compare with Boss Bd2
4/25/2004 3:31 AM

I have an old script logo Dist.+ and a BD-2 too.  
They are very different sounding units and i use them both on my gigging pedalboard to get different colors.  
The BD-2 is more versatile to my ears as it does the subtle overdrive thing a lot better than the MXR,but at the same time it can get quite nasty with the right guitar,and is quite louder too(output volume). The MXR is definetively a dist. box,while the Boss is more like a boosted overdrive(to put it in few words).  
BTW,I modded my BD-2 to get a fatter,darker sound. It can be very bright to my ears as it comes stock.
4/25/2004 6:25 AM
Thanks Luijo.  
I already have the BD2 and my gear is LP Custom with classic 57's and a Marshall Valvestate 40w . But I cant get a good basic rock sound it is too bassy and soft. I think mxr will do what I want.
4/26/2004 4:49 AM

Maybe you should try the Boss DS-1,it's been around for ages,has a harder sound than the BD-2,more gain and sustain and is quite cheap.  
There are so many options nowadays but the DS-1 is as basic and cheap,while being good,as it gets.
4/26/2004 10:24 AM
Mark Hammer

The BD-2 and Dist+ work differently, as you can imagine. The BD-2, as noted, is intended to produce subtler effects and was really aimed at the Tube Screamer crowd. The Dist+ was pretty much what folks could think of in "those days", but served reasonably well. It is a slightly more ragged sound as over-drive clipper devices go. Greater output volume can be achieved by replacing the stock 10k volume pot with a 100k pot. I have also been pleased by changing the diodes to regular silicon ones from germanium, and by soldering one NE5534 on top of another and using that instead of a 741 that is stock for the Dist+.  
All of these changes yield a bit greater note definition, and a lot more output. It will add "muscle" to your signal which will push the amp a lot harder. My sense is that if you like Marshall's, this will make your Marshall more likeable.  
The DS-1 is essentially a Distortion+ with a tone control and an extra boost stage ahead of the clipper stage. Should do some of what I described. Can't speak to what the output level is like, though.
4/27/2004 3:36 AM

The output level of the DS-1 is the same as any device using Si diodes as clippers. It will be louder than the Ge version of the Dist.+.  
Also,the inclusion of a tone control makes the sound a little less "ragged" as u have described the MXR.  
I modded once my Dist.+ with one Si diode and an LED,but while it sounded interesting i opted to reverse the mod and leave it stock since my pedal is a very old version and might have "vintage" value.
4/27/2004 9:52 AM
Thanks friends. Your impressiones are quite helpful.  
You know I am looking for a perfect blend of distortion and overdrive without having a real tube amp so I think it is better stay with germaniums to get a defined sweet distortion.  
It is obvious that I have to try it to like it. But there won't be any in the stocks where I live before 3-4 weeks so I have asked you.  
I have one question too. Is it a disadvantage not having a tone knob. Is it enough to use my guitars tone knobe?
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