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What brand of pot for CryBaby wah?

4/19/2004 10:34 PM
Humbucker What brand of pot for CryBaby wah?
My brother-in-law wants me to order a replacement pot for his 70's Dunlop CryBaby wah pedal. There's a bunch of different ones at Small Bear but I'm not sure which one to get.  
There's the Fulltone Fullrange, North Star Audio Pro-Pot, Dunlop Hot Potz ECB24 and the Dunlop Hot Potz II ECB24B. WOW!!!!  
Can somebody explain the difference between these pots? I'm not sure what to order.
4/21/2004 6:28 AM
Rick Erickson

The Northstar may be O.K. but I would avoid the Fulltone ands Dunlop pots. Not enough range and the sweep feels wrong to me. New Sensor (E.H.) has a very good replacement that I have been using exclusively lately. It's very similar to the updated Teese pot that he will no longer sell. A 180K reduced travel linear taper to mimic a well worn ICAR pot. Have I mentioned this in enough different Wah threads this week??? :)  
4/22/2004 1:31 PM

I just replaced the pot in my seventies Cry Baby with a Hot Potz 2, purchased from a contributor here (Skreddy). He had the best price I could find. Here's the URL for his site:  
His service was great, immediate email reply, and I had the pot in two days (Priority Mail). Fantastic service! He also has some good tips on his site on installing a wah pot and altering the taper a bit with a resistor.  
The pot works very well, but I am still getting used to the sweep. The old one was not a proper replacement, so I have to get used to this one.  
BTW, the Fulltone pot appears in all the ads to be an open Alpha, which probably won't last very long.
4/23/2004 5:43 PM
Yeah, Skreddy is a super great guy to do business with. Once I bought some HotPotz-II from him and one had a defective gear, so I emailed him to see what he could do and he sent a replacement immediately, when I asked him about returning the bad one he said just keep it instead of mailing it back. I was so impressed with his business ethic/style I bought more!.  
(very cool businessman)  
Anyway about the Hotpotz-II, they are real quiet when sweeping and I think they are made with conductive plastic elements inside and is said to have a "million cycles" lifetime.  
They do have a different taper though, to me the difference is in the high side (treble) of the sweep which seems slightly cramped when compared to a Hotpotz-1.  
I actually prefer the Hotpotz-1 that comes in the newer Dunlop Crybaby's, but that's just my opinion. It doesn't have the "million cycles" lifetime of the Hotpotz-II but it's sweep seems more like my old Thomas Crybaby.  
I wonder if the rack-n-pinion could be reversed, to reverse the rotation, then hook up the pot the other way, if that would give the HP-II a more traditional sweep...hmmm.
4/23/2004 11:51 PM

Thanks for the props!  
I set mine up with a 200k resistor between the CCW and wiper (black wire and yellow wire on my old Thomas CryBaby). That opens up the sweet spot and makes it less cramped. I haven't tried 100k yet, but that might make it REALLY gradual and open. Of course that'd also tend to reduce the overall resistance of the pot, so I'm thinking about experimenting with resistors on one or both sides of the pot too.  
I'd like to try the ElectroHarmonix black cap "pro pot' too. So far, my favorite taper was on my original Thomas Cry Baby (Chicago made). This pot (made in Mexico, I think) had a ceramic core upon which the carbon track was laid. No one really makes them as good-sounding as the originals. I think the Fulltone sounds good. Mine didn't last terribly long, though, so that's why I'm trying to get the best possible taper from these Hotpotz II's. Plus they're cheaper.
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