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Re: Question for Mr.Vex on Fuzz Factory.

3/22/2004 2:10 PM
Re: Question for Mr.Vex on Fuzz Factory.
to quote Mark:  
"guys like Ton Barmentloo who sell their designs to bigger companies. They are not in any position to say "here's how it works" ".  
Almost the whole truth:  
he doesn`t sell per se, but grants a licence (exclusive in this case...) to a big company,  
that he has always been a big admirer of.
5/6/2004 10:41 AM

Where is this schematic? Does anyone know if it's the real deal..  
Given the way Mr.Vex probes the net I doubt that it is correct or complete.  
If he was worried about it he would have chimed in.  
I'd like to look at it to see if it even comes close to the real deal.  
I won't post the corrections but I'll tell you if it's correct.  

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