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What do you think of these FuzzFace mods?

2/23/2004 5:18 AM
Humbucker What do you think of these FuzzFace mods?
I'm planning my next FX project, what I'm thinking is building a FuzzFace with a few extra twists. The most notable twist is putting a DPDT toggle switch to select between a Germanium or a Silicon transistor for Q1. The emitters of both of these transistors are tied to ground so the DPDT switch would connect the base and collector of either of these transistors to the rest of the FuzzFace circuit. I built the EasyFace which has a Silicon for Q1 and a Germanium for Q2 and I'm quite happy with it but I'd like to build an all Germanium fuzz next but I thought that this option of switching transistors for Q1 would be cool. They say that Germanium transistors can be affected by room temperature if there's an occasion that the Germanium sounds bad you could switch over to Silicon. Or maybe the Silicon would sound less flabby than the Germanium.  
My question is, could it damage the transistors by switching them in and out of the circuit? Also, do you think this idea is worth the extra bother? Maybe I'm out to lunch on this.
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2/23/2004 5:19 AM
Something else that I plan on doing is putting a 1K resistor between the 1K FUZZ pot and ground. As you know, in the standard FuzzFace circuit one side of the FUZZ pot ties directly to ground, this gives a pretty rough sounding fuzz IMHO(well this is the case with the EasyFace hybrid Fuzz that I built), maybe it's smoother with 2 Germanium transistors?  
With the EasyFace hybrid fuzz, I found that putting a 1K resistor between the 1K FUZZ pot and ground smoothed out the fuzz sound considerably, made it more focused and less ragged. I know I could use a 2K pot like on some FuzzFace type pedals like the Diaz Texas Square Face but I thought that by putting a 1K resistor in series with the 1K FUZZ pot and then putting a SPST toggle switch in parallel with the 1K resistor I could bypass(shunt-out) the 1K resistor and have the original FuzzFace circuit or open the SPST toggle switch and have the 1K in series with the Fuzz pot, kind of like having a 2K Fuzz pot in there instead of a 1K. I tried it out on my prototype EasyFace and I really like the variety that this simple scheme provides.
2/24/2004 8:17 AM
A Colman

There's a couple of mods that involve a forcing the tranny into proper bias with a germ diode and another with a OP anmp that changes the bias depending on current draw or something like that.  
I don't remember where those projects are but you may want to look into it.  
2/24/2004 3:05 PM
constantin necrasov

The op-amp biasing thing is the John Hollis's Rock Face.
2/25/2004 9:11 AM
Humbucker Bias measurements.......
I took some voltage measurements last night between the collector of Q2 and ground. With the FUZZ pot tied directly to ground I'm getting 3 volts on the collector(pretty wimpy) and when I add about 1K between the FUZZ pot and ground I get a healthy 5.7 volts. I don't know why I'm getting such a low voltage without the 1K resistance because I'm using all the standard FuzzFace values for components, the only difference is that I've got a 2N3906 for Q1 and that the germanium transistor is a high gain one from Small Bear.  
Bottom line though, this pedal sounds mighty sweet! I can't imagine a fuzzbox sounding any better, but I'll find out when I build my next pedal, it's bassically a Fulltone '69 with the addition of a tone knob and it'll be all germanium. That would should really rock.
2/25/2004 6:44 PM
A Colman
Re: What do you think of these FuzzFace mods?
Yes,Constanstin,I forgot,thanks for reminding me.  

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