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I found my problem with EasyFace. Duh-uh!

1/2/2004 4:55 AM
Humbucker I found my problem with EasyFace. Duh-uh!
Well, I finaly figured out why I was having problems with my EasyFace(with extra outs) by Joe Gagan. When I built this pedal a year and a half ago I tried using all the output points on his schematic, for those of you not familiar with this schematic it's basically a standard FuzzFace with four different output points for experimentation. He detailed in his instructions to try them all out and just use the one or ones that you like, well this is where I screwed up. Output 4 is on the emitter of Q2(germanium), this was supposed to give some kind of sub-bass notes but I couldn't get anything out of this output!? So, what I did was to leave the wire connected to the pcboard on the emitter and I just took the other end of the wire off the volume pot and I taped-off the end of the wire so it wouldn't short out on something. I should have known better but infact what I did was create an antenna!!! Whenever I tried to turn up the fuzz level it would get all ugly and noisy so I would have to set it lower and not get much fuzz at all. So, I clipped this wire off at the pcboard yesterday and boy did that ever make a difference! This pedal is kicking butt now. I feel a little bit dopey now but it was a learning experience. My thanks to Joe Gagan for his help in the past, Steve at Small Bear where I bought my materials, both of these guys are a real class act, and thanks also to all of you guys on the net for your input.  
Happy new year all!  
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