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Holy Sh** chebang! Tone Tubby

3/31/2006 7:27 PM
BobbyB Holy Sh** chebang! Tone Tubby
I just put a Tone Tubby Ceramic Hemp cone in my 5e3. This is the creamy sound I have been searching for. If you want a creamy distortion 3d sound when cranked this is the speaker for you. It seems to be just as efficient as my Celestion Blue but the bass doesnt fart out and the treble doesnt hurt my ears. What a great speaker.
3/31/2006 8:27 PM
TD Madden

Wonder how that compares to the Eminence Cannabis Rex (apparently made FOR Eminence by.....)  
Thought these speakers (ceramic versions anyway) were recommended for closed cabinets....?
3/31/2006 8:42 PM
Yes, I put one in my 5C3 a few weeks ago and it really is an amazing difference from the Weber Signature 12 that I started with. It doesnt have that sloppy farty kind of behaviour with low notes and like you said doesnt cry out when you play high notes loudly.  
The good press on these Tone Tubbys is really true they are great speakers.  
3/31/2006 9:02 PM
I tried a Eminence Red Fang, Jensen P12Q and Celestion Blue in my 5e3 ...this to me is the best speaker of all of them. And yes its the ceramic tone tubby not the more expensive alnico.
3/31/2006 9:26 PM
So do I now.  
I read a batch of reviews after googling "Cannabix Rex", and some 'familiar with amps 'n speakers' type reviews by Rex owners, are quite favorable many '10' and '9' ratings on this one.  
Wonder how it compares...
4/1/2006 12:24 AM
I was gonna purchase a Cannibus Rex...but I got this Tone Tubby used for only $75.00 what a deal.  
It would still be nice if someone compared the two.
4/1/2006 2:14 AM
dont forget that ceramic speakers are a step up in the evolution of speaker technology. alnico is 50's, ceramic came in the the 60's.
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